A. Job Descriptions and Salary Ranges

Upon written request to the 15th Street office, a member of New York Yearly Meeting may receive a copy of the current job descriptions and/or salary ranges.

B. New York Yearly Meeting insurance coverage

The Yearly Meeting provides various forms of coverage for its employees, as follows:

  • Health insurance: Basic medical and major medical for all full-time employees.
  • Disability insurance: Standard New York State Disability benefits program for loss of pay.
  • Worker's Compensation: Standard medical costs and loss of pay benefits program.
  • Unemployment insurance: Standard unemployment program.
  • Multiperil insurance: Various forms of liability and loss are covered.
  • Pension: A percentage of employee's salary is invested each year.

In addition, the treasurers of the Yearly Meeting, the Yearly Meeting Trustees, the Sharing Fund, and the Advancement and World Ministries committees are bonded by the Yearly Meeting.

Details of the various coverages may vary year to year and are available at the offices of the Yearly Meeting.