2-A. Use of Space in the Yearly Meeting Office

Clerks wishing to use the office at 15 Rutherford Place for evening or weekend committee meetings should consult Yearly Meeting Office Use.

2-B. Staff Services

Staff services may be available for specific section projects. Committee clerks should contact the general secretary with any requests.

2-C. Yearbook

The Yearbook is published in the fall of each year. It contains the minutes of the previous year’s sessions, lists of committee members and their addresses, and names, addresses and officers of all monthly and regional meetings as well as of the Yearly Meeting.

2-D. Coordinating Committee

Each New York Yearly Meeting committee is under the care of one of the four coordinating committees. The coordinating committee clerks and at-large members are available to advise, sup- port and counsel the committees under their care—receiving regular committee reports, drawing connections between the work of various committees, collating budget requests, seasoning and helping prioritize reports to the Yearly Meeting body. In addition, coordinating committees as a whole have the responsibility and authority to support and hold accountable their constituent committees in honoring their designated functions. The clerk of the coordinating committee shall ensure that there is an annual review by each committee for the purpose of evaluating the work done on these responsibilities. Some coordinating committees assign a specific at-large member to each committee under their care. Be sure to work with this assigned liaison person.