Minute 74 of the 1971 Yearly Meeting sessions marked the initiation of the Fund for Sufferings under the Peace and Social Action Program. The Fund, raised through voluntary contributions, is meant to provide assistance to those who are suffering hardship because of fidelity to Friends’ testimonies. In the sessions of 1975, a Committee on Sufferings was established to administer the Fund, and a budget appropriation was placed in the goals of the Sharing Fund to continue until the Fund reached $10,000.


The Fund for Sufferings was transferred in 2003 to the Trustees of New York Yearly Meeting from the separate investment account maintained by the Committee on Sufferings. When the Yearly Meeting consolidated its accounts into those maintained by the Yearly Meeting treasurer and those maintained by the Trustees, $10,000 was placed in the care of the Yearly Meeting treasurer and the remainder invested with the Trustees. 


By approval of the Yearly Meeting at Fall Sessions 2018, the accumulated income from the invested trust fund was directed to the income of the NYYM operating budget for unrestricted use.  The Fund for Sufferings remains as a Designated Use Fund with no endowment, but could be replenished, if needed, through direct designated contributions to the fund.


Purpose of the Fund:

The Fund for Sufferings is available to provide support for Friends who suffer financially as a result of their faithful witness, their acts of conscience, or their fidelity to Friends’ testimonies. It is intended to respond to urgent needs in a timely manner.  


Functions & Activities of the Liaison

The Liaison administers the Fund for Sufferings by:

  1.  accepting applications for assistance, 

  2. researching the request and following up with the local meeting or other committees connected with the request 

  3. reviewing the request and preparing a recommendation 

  4. presenting the request to the clerk of the Witness Coordinating Committee

  5. meeting with the Coordinating Committee clerk and additional people from that committee in discernment

  6. contacting the Treasurer of the Yearly meeting with the pertinent information if the outcome is positive, so that funds may be sent to the applicant.

  7. In the event of a conflict of interest between the Liaison and the applicant, the Liaison will forward the application to the clerk of the Witness Coordinating Committee.


Liaison Appointment

The Yearly Meeting appoints the Liaison on Sufferings upon the recommendation of the Nominating Committee. The Liaison on Sufferings serves a term of three years, with the option of serving a second three year term. The Liaison shares reports of requests and gifts.


Finances and Reporting

The fund is held by the Yearly Meeting as a Designated Use Fund.  The Yearly Meeting Treasurer monitors compliance with the fund’s designation. Witness Coordinating Committee will receive regular reports on use of the funds, and the remaining balance in the Fund for Sufferings.